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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Gay Public Sex: Exhib Men! - Hot Car Bator

This hot horny guy jacks off in his car in public. Love a hard cock in public.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Gangbang Breeding Cumdump and Felching! (Lucky Bastard!)

Fucking love this. There's not enough felching vids out there. And there's absolutely nowhere near enough opportunities for doing it in real life. I mean, really. Outside of one lucky night in the cruise club play room, maybe, or at a really organized BB fuck party, when do you get the chance to suck a man's hot cum out of a freshly fucked bottom's asshole? I've never had the chance once. But that's not that weird for me, personally. Somehow I've missed out on a lot of shit so far in my life. I've only recently started getting in the loop for a fuck party here and there. And I also only just started going to cruise clubs while I was Europe this summer. (Club Church in Amsterdam!!!) Of course now I'm back in fucking lame Arkansas and there's nothing like that anywhere near me.
But to you guys in the cities with a lot of experience with fuck parties and stuff: how often have you had the chance to do it?

Men! Cocks! Muscle! Gay! Asses! Amateurs! Hardons! Guns! Balls! Boners! HOT MEN!

I fucking love sweatpants! Whoever invented them deserves like twenty blowjobs. Come on over!

Oh fuck yeah! I want someone to do some forced edging on me....

Greatest invention for gay men and bators and whatever other random horndogs there are out there: Smartphones!! We have so many fucking pictures of hot guys to gawk at and stroke to, just because of them. Everyone involved in the creation of smartphones deserves at least a couple blowjobs. And even though I'd like to say I can handle this myself, there's just too many guys that were involved. So you guys have to help. Find everyone that ever had a real hand in the long march to modern smartphones and don't even ask, just drop to your knees and unzip their fly at the same time, and slob on their knob until they explode in your mouth. Hand them a card with your grindr username or email or something. Then, tell them that gets them one more. Say "Thank you for your part in the creation of the modern smartphone." Then walk away smiling with your cum-covered lips.

Everybody Masturbate! And Let Me Watch... Hot Men Stroking Their Hard Cocks

Masturbate!: Hot Guy Fucks His Fleshlight to Hands-Free Cum

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nice Hot Cock Bulges! On a Train, On a Boat, On My Face! GIMME!

This is one of my favorite pics in a long time. He's so god-damned hot. Fuck!

I fucking love these two gifs. I'd fucking cum in my pants staring at that bulge if this guy got on the train and sat across from me. I spent a good bit of time riding the train and the subway while in Europe this last summer. Every time I got on I was looking for a hottie and hoping I could have a little train fun. But sadly there were very few hotties and no fun to be had. Sigh. I'm going back next year so..... fingers crossed.

I love that goofy look on his face. He obviously did it on purpose. The way he's moving his legs.... we all know what that is, right? It feels good. He's horny, he's showing in sweat pants on a public train, and moving his legs like that is both nervousness and slowly making his cock hard.

I love how well his balls are showing in this. Want to taste them....

Cute! And hot! And totally out of my league!

Masturbation!: Bator Can Hardly Touch Himself He's So Edged Out

Nothing is hotter than someone squirming and writhing in glorious agonizing sexual pleasure. It's one of the things I live for.

Muscles!! Big Brawny Meaty Muiscle Men. CALL ME!

I've never been a muscle worship kind of cocksucker. I mean, don't get me wrong. I fucking love some muscle. LOVE. And sadly, I have never had the good fortune to lay my hands, or cock, or ass, on nice smooth toned guy. Everybody is required to pause here for a second and cry for me.
Anyway, I never cared for the real weight-lifter kind of really big muscles.
But just recently I've had this real lust for it. A NEED, actually.

Any muscle men out there? Wanna get completely slutified with Robot Jack?
Send applications with stats, positions and sexual interests, including pictures with at least one completely nude, full body shot to 

It's ok Mr. Muscles! Jack is here for you. Just get on your hands and knees on that rug and I promise you will feel much, much better in an hour or two.