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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hot Deep Stretched Holes....aaaannnnndddd SKIKES!!!! (The rest are just filler)

Holy fuck, Skikes! How did I forget about you and your beautiful bottomless asshole?
I promise I never will again.

To any of you not acquainted with Skikes and his fucking awesome .... well, everything, CLICK NOW on this link.

Skikes, I swear to god, one of these days, on one of my Europe trips, I'm going to get ahold of you and come visit you in London.

Wait, ski....huh!? Who are YOU?

Holy fuck! Look at that hot stretched puckered asshole! I WANT IT.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Gay Public Sex: Horny Slut Bottom Takes Anonymous Cock In A Public Bathroom

This is one of the hottest public sex vids I've ever seen! This bottom just totally goes for it and takes a fucking in a public bathroom like he's in his bedroom.
Fucking HOT!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Going Out For Public Fun, Going To Cum In My Own Mouth!

Holy fuck, I'm horny.
I'm pretty sure I'm about to go out and find a very public place to get off. I want to do it so badly!

I'm watching a superhot amateur fuck vid of a latina and a latino no-holds-barred ass-banging and just overall awesome fucking, and it's driving me fucking crazy!

He just ate her sweet ass. I wanna eat her fucking super hot asshole!!! God-damn!

It's time to find a nice public place to go at it, completely uninhibited. I don't want some place where I have to wear any clothes at all. Or some place where I can't roll my legs over my head and cum in my mouth.

I think that's going to be the new thing for tonight; cumming in my own mouth, in some plainly visible spot. I hope I have the nerve to do it. And film it.

Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cocksucker, I Love That Word. I'm A Cocksucker & Fucking Proud Of It!

Three men sucking a cock like it's the last cock on Earth.
Feeding Frenzy! "It's mine." "Hellllll no! It's MINE!!!"

A sub man gets his face used by a dominant facefucker
Yes! Use my face! Anybody wanna come over tonight????

Hot young cocksucker swallows a muscled man's hard cock

Hot cocksucker pumps his hips and sweet ass on the couch while sucking a cock.
This shit is fucking HOT! Damn That cocksucker gets me going every time. I would so be behind that hot pumping ass. That man is into what he's doing! And he's totally ready to FUCK.

That's the place for me.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm An Addicted Public Exhib Male Slut! Who Else Loves It?

Holy shit, guys! I've been really getting horny lately. I've been trying to get this blog in shape for a while now. But I haven't had much time and it's a little harder to get the templates to do what I want than I would have thought. Anyway, I've been waiting to post all these bate vids I've been recording and all these pics I've been taking lately, too, until I got the site in shape. But, I really want to just post them anyway. I filmed myself jerking off on the sidewalk in a full neighborhood and standing right under a street light recently and I can't fucking wait to post that shit! It was so hot! I fucking walked over about three or four blocks from my house and took off all my fucking clothes except my shoes and fuckin went at it. I was looking at the houses there and hitting my poppers and, fuck, I got the FUCK OFF! A few nights later I walked a couple more blocks over and found a bench on a street corner; again completely lit up. It was like glowing and the hand of Priapus was pointing at it from the sky saying, "Masturbate HERE!" I can't argue with my main man, Priapus. So I did. And I filmed that too. I've been getting pretty gutsy lately, man. But I just love banging my cock in public so much! When I'm going at it inside and the thought hits me, I just can't say no. It's like, as soon as I have the first thought of going and showing everyone my bate, I KNOW I'm going to do it. I try to stay inside but, damn, it's just so hot getting totally naked on the sidewalk and fucking going at it! For a while I was always going out on the steps that come up to my apartment. From the stoop, I can see a major street in my town; it's a highway, actually. I see so many cars pass by—tons of regular average Joe cars. But I see tons of cop cars driving by. At first I would kind of freak out and run inside. But I realized after a while that they couldn't see me and were just out looking for drunk drivers. So then it got hot seeing cops pass. Every car that went by made me a little harder. From this same spot, there's probably five apartments close by that could see me from their windows, as well as another pretty busy street. One of the apartments is where my landlord lives. I've wondered if he just hasn't seen me or if he has and either doesn't care, or maybe likes it. I've been out on that stoop, totally naked, huffing my poppers until I neither know, nor care, where I am, and riding a huge dildo; everything in plain sight if anyone just looked. Recently, I started walking down the stairs and standing in the yard. I've done it facing the highway. I've done it facing the apartments across the street. No hiding anything. Fuck! Just writing this has me boned and whimpering! I want to go outside and cum on the street, or a neighbor's window or roll onto my back and cum in my own mouth in the yard. Oh shit. That's something I haven't done and I just thought of it. Damn it! The seed has been planted When I bate near my place, I don't even wear any clothes going out. It's just easier. I walk out the door and down the stairs and into the yard, or wherever; wearing a steel cockring, totally boned and dripping. Recently I walked outside, down the stairs, and through the front yard—mind you, all of this walking is well lit—then I walked through a parking lot to a spot behind a neighboring business. I set up my camera and walked over a bit and had my fun. It was in plain sight of a neighbor's house and fully lit. I'm starting to think I'm addicted to stroking my cock in public.... AND I FUCKING LOVE IT! What I really want to do is get down with another guy or thirty. I would so fucking get off on getting my ass completely ruined on the sidewalk in the light. Or being totally naked and boned, sucking a guy completely off and eating his load where I can see the traffic going by. Better than all that would be a real gangbang. Every guy who wants to use my ass gets a fucking turn in plain sight of anyone who might look. I want to hear from the other exhibitionists out there! I want to share stories and trade ideas!