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Friday, May 13, 2016

What Happened to Malemotion?

I haven't been on Malemotion in a long time. But tonight I wanted to check it for any new hot vids. So I googled and clicked keumshow?!?
No link to click through to MM. And google was of no use for an answer.

Do any of you guys know what happened to Malemotion? I used to cum to that site day after day! And I want to cum to the hot amateur guys on there some more. And HOLY FUCK there were some seriously hot amateur guys on there!!!


  1. No idea. Just went offline one day and never came back... That was quite a while ago.

  2. He is definitly off because it have problemes withe his server.

  3. The admin take the site offline. I'm pissed off too, because there were a lot of hot videos and guys, plus we were able to post pics and videos of ourselves and it was quite good. No other site can do the same, or I didn't find it yet :)

  4. Not sure where malemotion went, but where have YOU been? So few new posts on this site lately. Fortunately there are so many old ones I still have plenty of material to jack to!

  5. Off topic here, but can I send self pics in to you to post? Love your site, this is my first time!!!

    1. Hey Jay Jay,
      Yeah, send them my way! I love getting pics from fans.

  6. What happened to Robotjack?

  7. I remember earlier this year there was a few weeks during which malemotion temporarily disappeared. I noticed it was back online in February 2016 for a while. But since April I have also been automatically forwarded to keumshow. Malemotion was good while it lasted=/

  8. It warms my little heart to hear you guys have missed me! But more than anything else, I love to hear that the blog has been a regular source of jack material for some people. That's what I do this kind of shit for.
    I'm probably about to start posting again and hopefully get back to doing it regularly.
    I can't start today because I just got back from a really long trip and all of my stuff is in storage and whatnot.
    I'll start once I get everything back together.

  9. FANFUCKINTASTIC!!!! The jacking will continue to the hottest stuff around. Worship big Dick!!

  10. malemotion was taken down permanently by the french authorities due to a scandal that involved an underage kid with a priest. the vatican is still investigating to discipline the priest accordingly ..