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Monday, January 21, 2013

Wrestler Cums in His Singlet (Tell Me This Isn't Fake)

Yep, that's what I thought too, Oh My God! Did this Asian wrestler really blow a load on the mat?



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  3. This picture is very obviously fake, it is a modified photo (to look like that ejaculated fluid had to came from outside... ) but ....
    Discussing the subject in real:
    It is perfectly normal and even expected that a wrestler ejaculate during the competition especially at the climax point in which he subjugate the opponent and wins the fight (or even in the point of the, at same time, anticlimax in which he is defeated - for the looser).
    This have some reasons to happen and have nothing to due to the athlete be gay, hetero or bi (as far as this classifications can be real ... but that´s other discussion) lets see:
    1º- The athletes are prevented to ejaculate days before fights (not by the lost of energy -lol- or they also don’t do any other physical activity) but to accumulate some anger and frustration by the denial and sex tension that helps to be in fight mood! - So  full bals and high sex tension! 
    2º - The contact sports implicate some mechanical stimulation and the wining moment are a climax and the point all anger and energy can be released and discharged (and some body functions not entirely dissociable) as for the looser is the moment he can let it go and alow discharge all accumulated tension and frustration - Climax anti-climax moments!
    3º - Modern fights are ritualized emulations of ancient and animal nature combats for territory and or sex partners and so an exhibition of power and domination-subjugation relations - Sex power exibition are most natural this occasions all around by the animal kingdom!

    So make the maths and see why - a wrestler ejaculate during the fight is normal and expected thing specially at climax moments and if it is a fight in  which he ''give it all" ... (even the expression are suggestive) Admit it and talk about openly not so much usual want a reason - misconceptions and pre-concepts!

    Obviously what you can notice is the usual erections of the athletes and their sport's wears wet (down there as all around so not so distinguishable of the other fluids like sweat salivation and sometimes even little urine drops that also contribute to the wetting - mind it came from the inside of the fabric...) not so spectacular but far more real!

  4. Would that it might be so...