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Monday, December 19, 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cock Spanking, America's Pasttime!

That guy on the right makes my cock twitch.

ProudBator! 1: The Bator's Hot Cummy Champion

I'm Starving For Asshole!

I want to eat some ass, bad! Bring your hole over here and let me dig my tongue in and rim you for hours!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Robot Jack: Jerk Off and Cum

I've been filming myself jacking off lately. I kinda liked this one.
I've got a lot of footage and I'm planning on making a lot more. So keep it hard and stay tuned.
More to cum.....

I think I might be addicted to making jack-off videos. I've recorded many more since I wrote the above text. All inclusive; face and asshole and cum. They will get posted here.
They will also be on XTube and tumblr and pornhub. I'll post links to those pages soon, as well.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Gay Public Sex: Exhib Men! - Hot Car Bator

This hot horny guy jacks off in his car in public. Love a hard cock in public.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Gangbang Breeding Cumdump and Felching! (Lucky Bastard!)

Fucking love this. There's not enough felching vids out there. And there's absolutely nowhere near enough opportunities for doing it in real life. I mean, really. Outside of one lucky night in the cruise club play room, maybe, or at a really organized BB fuck party, when do you get the chance to suck a man's hot cum out of a freshly fucked bottom's asshole? I've never had the chance once. But that's not that weird for me, personally. Somehow I've missed out on a lot of shit so far in my life. I've only recently started getting in the loop for a fuck party here and there. And I also only just started going to cruise clubs while I was Europe this summer. (Club Church in Amsterdam!!!) Of course now I'm back in fucking lame Arkansas and there's nothing like that anywhere near me.
But to you guys in the cities with a lot of experience with fuck parties and stuff: how often have you had the chance to do it?

Men! Cocks! Muscle! Gay! Asses! Amateurs! Hardons! Guns! Balls! Boners! HOT MEN!

I fucking love sweatpants! Whoever invented them deserves like twenty blowjobs. Come on over!

Oh fuck yeah! I want someone to do some forced edging on me....

Greatest invention for gay men and bators and whatever other random horndogs there are out there: Smartphones!! We have so many fucking pictures of hot guys to gawk at and stroke to, just because of them. Everyone involved in the creation of smartphones deserves at least a couple blowjobs. And even though I'd like to say I can handle this myself, there's just too many guys that were involved. So you guys have to help. Find everyone that ever had a real hand in the long march to modern smartphones and don't even ask, just drop to your knees and unzip their fly at the same time, and slob on their knob until they explode in your mouth. Hand them a card with your grindr username or email or something. Then, tell them that gets them one more. Say "Thank you for your part in the creation of the modern smartphone." Then walk away smiling with your cum-covered lips.

Everybody Masturbate! And Let Me Watch... Hot Men Stroking Their Hard Cocks