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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hot Stairwell Fucking & Breeding

Fuckin Hell! This Guy Is Hot!!!

I was so friggin horny today. All day at work I was rubbing my cock to a half-boner, anytime I was away from people and the cameras. In the hall, in the bathroom by the door, outside at the smoking spot while watching guys go by in their warm weather shorts. Unghhh.... Saw some really hot guys today, too. I would have stroked off in the bathroom but I had no idea I would be waiting so long and I wanted to save the horniness for a real bate. I thought I would be naked in front of the computer, hard cock in hand by nine at the latest. And the wait is making it hard to not cum right now. It feels so fucking gooooood. And that hot motherfucker in the pic above is not helping my edger cause.
Weird things were turning me on. For instance, the hot latino night guy came in (mmmm...) and he had the wood-handled mop out. It was sticking out in my way a lot. And I kept thinking about how I wanted to shove it up my ass and ride it. Of course I really wanted hot night guy to shove his latino cock up my ass but.... Anyway, this one time, a long time ago, I was really horny and wanted something up my ass. I didn't have any dildos at the time but I did have a broom with a fat smooth round-ended handle on it! I'd lay that thing across some clothes or something on the floor, so it was at a good angle and height, and I would put something at the bottom, behind the brush so it would stay in place. I'd put a condom on it, lube it up, get on my knees in front of it, and ride that fucker for a long while. It was a fuckin fantastic sex toy.
Today, thinking about how fucking hot I used to get doing that made me crazy. Ha! How's that for some honesty? I'm considering, the next time I'm home alone, doing that shit again.....

Ass Eaters!

Riding the face.

Yeah! Spread that shit wide open for him!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Really Hot GIF Set (A Beautiful Ass)

Holy FUCK! That's a sweet sweet ass! I would spend an hour eating that and sucking him from behind.

Fucking GIFs

This is one of the best GIFs I've seen.

I'm mostly a bottom but I would fucking LOVE to fuck Jessie Colter! The way he moans and talks makes me so fucking hot! I love it when it's obvious that a bottom loves getting fucked.

This angle reminds me of how awesome it is to get a really good fuck.

I've never been in a sandwich like this. Would love to be the middle.

That bottom takes a lot of big cocks, I would assume. Hot!

Fuck Yeah, Exhibitionists!

I want to get fucked on the sidewalk...
...and in the parking deck...
...and stuff my face down some jeans wherever this is...
...and sport a hardon at the beach...
...and suck some cock in the back yard...
...and eat some ass at a party...
...then fuck at the party...
...then suck a cock under a bridge on my way to...
...lay out naked on a big log in the woods and think about my awesome day.

Bring Me Your Cum!

I want to suck another mans cum out of a pussy after watching them fuck from this position and getting blown. Fuck, yeah, I do.

Men And Their Tools

That's an introduction! Hello. It's so nice to meet you!

Beautiful uncut cock.