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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Gooner Report Blog on Tumblr - Hot Men Deep In Masturbation

All of these pics came from a tumblr blog called The Gooner Report. If you're a real bator, into gooning out on cock, you really should check it out. It's full of other cock-worshipers who want to let it all hang out.
The Gooner Report

One of my favorite gooner pics from the Gooner Report. So fuckin hot.

This guy is called Gooner Kriss on TGR.

Monday, January 15, 2018

RJ's Slut Stories: Stall pt 1, Sucking Cock at the Cruise Bar (Frankfurt, Germany. Summer 2016)

I'm sitting in the little community room in my hostel. This one is cleverly named Frankfurt Hostel. You know, since it's a hostel and it's in Frankfurt.
Anyway, I'm having problems with my phone not keeping a charge worth a fuck. And just today it decided it was also not going to charge worth a fuck, either. So, I'm sitting here for a little while to try and get a charge on it before heading out.
It's about 9:50PM here, local time (GMT +1). The bar I'm going to tonight doesn't even open until 10. So, I'm thinking I'll head that way about 10:30.

Stall, or The Stall, is a pretty small place on the fringes of the gay district here. The street it's on is pretty shady-looking. But, as I've learned from the time I've spent in Frankfurt so far, this town is hardly dangerous. I haven't experienced one uncomfortable situation, much less had a real mugging situation or even seen one. People here seem to just not really do that shit. I don't know how else to interpret it. Germans seem to love their rules and they abide by them mostly. The only illegal activity I've come across is Turkish guys, not being racist it's just *always* been Turkish guys or guys who seem to be Turkish, anyway... The only illegal thing I've seen is these guys trying to sell me shit, presumably drugs. One guy offered to sell me liquid Ecstasy once. "No thanks." No fucking clue what that shit might have actually been.
So, Stall....

Stall is so far my second favorite cruise club. That's really a tentative list, though. I haven't been to enough really to know.
So far I've been to a bathhouse also here in Frankfurt called ... something. The name escapes me. I'll remember in a minute. But I've been there for what they call "Bi Open." One night a month girls are welcome. I saw two. They both were gone around fifteen minutes after I got there. More on that place another time.
I've also gone to another cruise bar, my current favorite by far: Club Church in Amsterdam. That place fucking-A rocks! Been twice. Both times were bangers. If you're ever in Amsterdam and have a hardon, head for Club Church. It'll cost you almost 20 Euro to get in. But, believe me, it's totally worth it.
On a Friday or Saturday there will be enough guys there to enjoy yourself all damn night. And sexxxy guys, no less. Ahem. My cock is fidgeting thinking about it.

Stall is a pretty small bar. You walk in the door and down some stairs and you' see a dim basement room that's long and pretty skinny, with a long straight bar down the right side. You'll probably pay five euro to get in. Just do it. You're cock with thank me later.
The place is under new management since the last time I was there. But when I was there before, there was no place to put any stuff you might have on you. I'm hoping that has changed since on their website it now says "There is no dress code. You can even be naked!" So I'm kind of assuming they'll hold your shit for you behind the bar.
The first and second time I went, I had my backpack with me. I didn't have any option. I ended up stashing it along the wall in the dark room. And true to form, no Germans touched it that I know of. Damn good thing too. It had my Adderall in it.
So, my first visit, it was a fucking Monday night, late. I think it was like 12:30 or 1.
I walked in and found an empty room with a lone bartender looking at me, blankly.
I walked in and looked around for a minute. There was some porn playing on a couple of TVs: pretty good porn. I could see there was a door on the left, a door that I still haven't ever gone through. But I presume, due to the rest of the layout, that it's the back way to the dark room.
On the far end of this long room was a passageway to the left. There, there is a doorway to the left again, and two bathroom doors. One says it's for women—in a men-only bar. The other says it's for men.
I figured out later that the one that says it's for men was, I believe, the one for the "real men." It was big, most of the urinals and toilets were broken and taped up with duct tape, and it smelled very, very strongly of piss. I think that one is the place for watersports. The other I believe is for actual pissing, if you don't want to end up getting pissed on, that is.
My first time there I didn't get to the bathroom though before seeing a guy standing in the walkway with his cock out, limp, stroking it and looking at me. He wasn't very attractive. So, at first, I just looked at him and sat on my barstool drinking my Licher, or Jever or whatever I had, and watching the porn. I was still figuring the place out.
After a bit I turned around and looked the really-not-attractive middle-aged guy up and down. "Fuck it. I'm here to fuck around...."
So I went over, got on my knees, and started sucking his cock.

I really didn't look at him. I only looked at his cock. I sucked him soft. He seemed to really be enjoying it but he never got hard. Drugs, maybe.
After a bit, another guy appeared from the dark room. I guess he was waiting in there for some guys. None came. So, after noticing what we were doing in the hall, I presume, he came out and pulled his cock out too.
He had one of the smallest cocks I've ever seen. But he was hard. And I sucked him.
He pulled out and, I seriously can't remember right now, but either I fucked him, or he fucked me.... haha. I can't remember if I topped or bottomed. Regardless, that only went on for a minute or two, then back to the cocksucking.
I sucked the first guy some more and he turned around, pulled his pants down, and I fucked him for a few minutes. He turned around and I returned to sucking.
The other guy pushed his cock back in play and I got on it, holding the other guy's in my right hand.
I sucked that little cock like a homeless, starving child. He shoved it in as deep as he could. You'd be surprised how far in a guy with a little dick and some skills can shove his cock in your throat. That cock, the smallest I've seen, he hard gagged me with it. I'm not going to pretend I'm the world-champion cocksucker. But I feel I've earned my stripes. And he hard-gagged me with that dick.
After he let up, I continued working it and in a few minutes, he unloaded in my mouth. Mmmmm.... I fucking love tasting cum. I'm getting a semi thinking about it. I hope I get to swallow fifty loads tonight. That's not gonna happen. But a fucking cocksucker can dream.
The other guy, he was still standing there, watching, rubbing my head and pulling on his limp cock.
I swallowed that nice load and got back to him.
After a few minutes, I stopped. I had to stop. My head was spinning and I was light-headed.
I went and sat at the bar and got another beer.
After a few I got up and went to the bathroom; the watersports bathroom. It seriously smells super strongly of piss. I went in and saw the first guy standing there by a sink; still with his cock out, pulling it.
I sucked him for a while in there. The smell that had made me sort of sick, made me gag a bit the first time, now was somewhat intoxicating.
I enjoyed wantonly sucking a limp cock, of a man I had never seen before and still had not really even looked at, in a disgusting tile bathroom that smelled like it got washed in piss twice a day. Nothing makes you feel like a slut more than shit like that. And I love feeling like a slut. I want to feel like a slut all the time. That to me is what makes someone a slut—always feeling like you're sucking a stranger's dick in a filthy bathroom. It's delicious, really. You should try it.
I want everyone who ever even looks at me to say to themselves, "That guy is one filthy fucking slut."

He never got hard. He never came. He definitely did enjoy it though, if his moaning and hip-thrusting could be an indicator.
He stopped me finally, smiling a very satisfied smile, and said in broken English, something along the lines of "I have to go." Then he split. And so did I.

That was my first time at Stall in Frankfurt. Next time I'll get to my first experience in the dark room. Until then, go suck a stranger's cock in a filthy pisser somewhere. It's fantastic!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Want Proof Gay Sex Is OK? Look At These Amazing Asses & Holes & Tell Me They're Not Meant To Be Fucked!!

gay sex -  man's ass getting fucked hard by a top with an amazing asshole - dive in, men!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Men With A Bulging Crotch Are Always Welcome!

Get that sweet body and ass over here god dammit!

This is definitely a diver position. Gonna dive face first right into that hot bulge.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hey Bators! Check Out My New Jackoff Voicemail: The Robot Jack-Line!

Hey guys! I'm excited to announce the opening of the Robot Jack-Line! If you're an exhibitionist and like getting off for other people to see or hear, call! Get it on on the voice-mail and let us all know how much you love to stroke your cock, while you're stroking your cock!

I am only, right now, setting this all up. So this page will change, hopefully very soon. I'm about to go on a 2.5-week trip to Europe, though. So, It might be a little while.

I reserve the right to not post any recording that I feel is inappropriate in any way. Any reference to any illegal activities (pedophilia, methamphetamines, etc) is an immediate rejection.

That being said, I encourage you to let your kinks hang out. And definitely let your emotional response to your bator pleasure hang out! If that means simply describing your sensations, great! If that means you go completely into gooner animal babbling and grunting, bring it on!

Tell us what gets you off. Tell us what you're doing right now. Tell us what you're wearing, if you're into fetish wear, etc. Tell us about the lube you like or the butt plug you are using. Tell us about how you want to do what you're doing in public or in a bath-house or sex club.

Tell us everything or tell us nothing; in words, at least. Personally, I want to hear you doing exactly what you do when you really get down in a bate-hole and forget your own name!

Pick a handle, a pseudonym, aka a username. When you call, please tell us your user name. If you prefer, your real name is totally cool, too. Just give us something to identify you by if you call more than once.