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Robot Jack is Under Construction

Robot Jack is Under Construction

Just so you guys know, I am completely redoing the website. So things will be quite a big mess for a little while until I get it done. All the content should still be in place. But it might be a bit difficult to find some things. I'll thank you for your patience. The site should be greatly improved once it's done.
Robot Jack: Jerk Off and Cum

Robot Jack: Jerk Off and Cum

I've been filming myself jacking off lately. I kinda liked this one.
I've got a lot of footage and I'm planning on making a lot more. So keep it hard and stay tuned.
More to cum.....


I think I might be addicted to making jack-off videos. I've recorded many more since I wrote the above text. All inclusive; face and asshole and cum. They will get posted here.
They will also be on XTube and tumblr and pornhub. I'll post links to those pages soon, as well.