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Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Hot Jockstrap Men! (I Could Eat Their Asses All Night)


Eleven guys stroking their hard cocks right now!
Hello, fellas!

Hot Fucking Jockstraps (No 2 Drives Me Fucking Crazy)

Holy fuck that shit looks good!

Fucking hell, I have had a hard-on for hot asses in jock straps for a long time now. However, I have just recently had a serious hunger for ass. And that sweet sweet ass looks so insanely delicious.....  


I had to go jack it in my back yard for a second, so I hope no one called.

I have wanted to stroke my cock totally naked in my back yard for a long time now,
I am really happy.

I'm gonna call the bator's line.
I wish you seven guys were here at my house.

Right at this Second; Cock In Hand

Holy FUCK!
I love my fucking cock!

I am stroking it into oblivion.
I will kill it before I let it go!

I so love my cock,
but, god-dammit,
I wish there was a hard cock here I could suck,
so fucking bad.
I want to feel the texture of it,
sliding across my tongue.

For the love of fuck, man
I am so insanely in love with my cock
and all cocks
right now.

If only I could suck my own!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Fuck that looks good.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Playing With His Ass

Gay Public Sex: Fucking In The Garage (Door Open)

I have never had a good neighbor like this before, ever! I feel totally left out. Lol. Seriously, you have to love a neighbor who fucks guys in his garage in the middle of the day with the garage door open.


I fucking love this pic.

What an awesome position to be in.