Saturday, February 18, 2017

Going Out For Public Fun, Going To Cum In My Own Mouth!

Holy fuck, I'm horny.
I'm pretty sure I'm about to go out and find a very public place to get off. I want to do it so badly!

I'm watching a superhot amateur fuck vid of a latina and a latino no-holds-barred ass-banging and just overall awesome fucking, and it's driving me fucking crazy!

He just ate her sweet ass. I wanna eat her fucking super hot asshole!!! God-damn!

It's time to find a nice public place to go at it, completely uninhibited. I don't want some place where I have to wear any clothes at all. Or some place where I can't roll my legs over my head and cum in my mouth.

I think that's going to be the new thing for tonight; cumming in my own mouth, in some plainly visible spot. I hope I have the nerve to do it. And film it.

Wish me luck!!!