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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What Has Robot Jack Been Doing? Updates & Questions For My "Readers"

So, I've been a bit MIA for a while. Some of you regulars might remember me posting that I was about to get back on the schedule of posting regularly. But, sadly around that time, I ended up with life getting all up in my face. So, it took a little while to get back to work.
This blog is the first porn blog I ever made, and as you well know it is (almost) 100% gay. I did post the occasional bi pic or video because, well, I'm bisexual.
Yes, RJ loves the pussy and tits as well as the hard lubed-up squirting cocks. And I love everybody's assholes. Mmmmm.... assholes...
Anyway, I just recently started another blog called "Robot Jack's Female Flashers." This came up really by accident. I just happened to find quite a lot of videos of girls getting down to some hot amateur public play.
I was a bit shocked!
I've always been into amateur exhibitionist videos. But for years, all I could find were vids of men doing it. I mean, I was perfectly happy with that. I still blow loads watching hot dudes get off on a sidewalk or in a laundromat or whatever. But I always wanted to see the ladies get it out in public, too!
Lo and behold, it would appear that in the last few years the younger girls are starting to let it hang out. Thank god for smartphones!!!!
Anyway, I just started that blog so there's not a lot up yet. But if you're interested, click on link below the pic of the girl sucking cock above the interstate below. I hope you like seeing these hotties tweak their twats in public as much as I do.

Robot Jack's Female Flashers
Besides busting my balls watching girls suck cock or slam their assholes in public, I've been thinking about making a tube. This is where the question comes in:

What's the easiest way to make a tube of all the videos I've posted on Blogger over the years? I mean a site set up like all the other tubes; youporn, redtube, xhamster, pornhub. I could embed the videos from my picassa album, maybe? And it would be nice if I could have any new videos I add to the album automatically get added to the tube. I assume that last bit is a pipedream. But what the hell? Maybe there's a way....

Anyway, if any of you guys can wipe the cum off of your hands longs enough to give me some pointers, that would be fucking great.
If you're having trouble with the cum, I can help. Just ask!

So, in general, I've been kind of imagining a whole Robot Jack series of webpages, all tied together with a video tube site and some sort of image archive page. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any ideas or info that would help; I'm all dick!

I mean ears. I'm all *ears*.

FYI, I haven't slowed down in the least in saving hot gay porn pics to post. I just haven't been posting. That means there will be a SLEW of horny cum-draining pics getting uploaded very soon, as well as a ton of vids of me stroking my cock in my apartment and all over my neighborhood. I can't wait to show you guys those!

Cheers and keep jerking those cocks!

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