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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Please fuck my throat.... I need a cock deep in my throat. Fuck that is fucking hot!

I always would say that I loved sucking cock. But it wasn't until last summer that I really learned just how much I love having a dick stuffed in my face.
I was at Der Stall in Frankfurt. They have a darkroom there. A darkroom. Insanely dark. Tiny. Humid as hell. Completely stuffed with dudes wearing boners. All of this is a story for another time. But, at one point, I started sucking this guy's cock. He wasn't even hard. But god damn both of us were so into it. I sucked his cock for like thirty minutes solid.
He got harder and harder over time.
Once he started getting somewhat near to cumming, he started really using my face, holding my head and fucking my mouth.
When he got really close to cumming, he really held my head and shoved his cock into me and held it......
I fucking LOVED it! And so did he. Because every slam and hold, he got audibly closer to blowing his load. Remember, I couldn't see him. I could barely see his cock; and I mean barely.
After using my face a little while, he started grunting and groaning and he bared down on my head with his hips and shoved his cock as deep as he could; and I was so fucking happy.
I knew he was cumming and god dammit I wanted his load, badly.
And I got it; my cocksucker's reward. Oh fuck I wish I was at the Stall right now.

Get off your lazy whore asses and get your faces stuffed with some cock!
...and some fucking delicious  CUM!!!!!!!!

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