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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Stuffing My Ass With My Roommate's Big Fat Dildo and Jacking Off In My Apartment's Doorway

Alright guys, here it is; the entire four part series. I can't get fullscreen to work with these iframe embeds. Anyone know if Pornhub just doesn't allow fullscreen on embeds from their site? Anyway, if you want to watch them fullscreen, I have a playlist with all four over on my Pornhub: Click Here.

The first vid is all me riding the dildo attached to the wall. I had my jock on the whole time.

The second one is after I moved it to the door of the fridge and took my jock off. There's a lot of my cock bouncing around while I stuff my ass. Haha. Love seeing my dick and balls bounce!

In the third one I put the dildo on the stool. I rode it with my ass facing the camera. But the shitty suction cup couldn't stay in place and the fucker flew off. It's pretty short.

The fourth one is the longest and probably the best. I put the dildo on a little table and right in front of the camera. There's a lot of closeups. Not trying to brag, but when I watched the video for the first time that shit got me fucking hard. It's pretty hot. I play with my hole a decent bit too; fingering it and stretching it. At some point I stuff my plug in and flip over. I start banging my cock. Eventually I get up and get myself off with my fleshlight, standing in the open door of my apartment. That door isn't too exposed. But it does face a bunch of apartments next door and also a major road just a bit over.