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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tips For Exhibitionists, Part 1: You Guys Can Bate Like A Champ In Public, Pick Good Places!

I am such a fucking exhibitionist.... I think there's nothing that turns me on more than just getting down, balls-out no-holds-barred, in a public place. And I mean going at it like I'm completely alone with no one within a block of me. God damn that shit gets me pumped, and makes me cum!
But, seriously, why the fuck do I have to have this turn-on? I mean, I could just as well be dripping at the mention of almost anything else. Why something that could get me in so much trouble?
The thing is, that it really doesn't matter. I will get so turned on and driven, especially late at night, that I could mostly care less. I still look for a good spot that's really public. But I try to find one where I'm not likely to see blue lights. I actually scout them out during the day. And I think that's key. I think that's a bit of advice I'd like to pass on to other people who start oozing at the mention of public sex; scout out the places you get down in during the day when you're not going to whip it out.
I can't say this enough. If you do this, then when you're so horny you can't think straight you'll hopefully have more than one place in mind where you can really get it out in public but still not end up on a registry....
I look for places where I'm really exposed but not so easily seen. I like a place with no walls around it. If you want to show how much you love to fuck or bate to the world, you don't want some bullshit in the way, right?
And I like to pick a place that's close to a street or a busy sidewalk; some place where you could be seen by a lot of people, but in a place that they are unlikely to look. You'd really be surprised how just being up one floor but still completely exposed changes your chances of being caught.
Ideally I'd like to be really exposed. I've gone at it under a streetlight quite a few time. But with something like this, you have to think more about the time. If you're serious about it, waiting until about 3AM is a good idea. You can pretty much get away with cumming on the front steps of city hall at that time. Don't try that, btw. Just saying. There's a lot you can do outside after 2:30 or so.

Speaking of, I really need to get my exhibitionist ass and cock outside and have some hot public fun!
I'll see you guys next time with part two.

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