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Friday, November 21, 2014

Asshole On My Tongue

For the last six weeks or so, I've been horny every minute of every day.
I'll be at work and I'll be thinking, "I can't wait to get home. I am going to play that awesome new video game all fucking night!" And I'll get home and think, "Alright. I'll have a quickie." The next thing I know, I've been stroking for eight hours, I still haven't cum, and I'm about to eat my monitor because it contains all the delicious ass.

Bring me your cum, your monitors, and your delicious ass!
I will fucking eat them all—whole.

This guy looks so young that I would, normally, not repost it. But holy fuck is he hot! I will eat that ass, sleep-deprived, starving, sick, and with no free time. My tongue will fall off and die as I try to plunge it deeper and deeper into that asshole.
On that note, that is not a man pussy or a boi pussy or whatever. THAT is an asshole. I don't want to ever eat a man pussy. I don't ever want to fuck one either. But I absolutely want to eat an asshole; female or male. I actually prefer eating girls asses. That might change.
Seriously, look at that ass!

Now for something totally similar...


Really eating.

Definitely munching (& waiting for the cock in my ass)

I am stuffing a bit.

"I'm starting to get sick. I've eaten too much cock. It's just so fucking hot..." That is a fucking deliriously hot ass and hole. "How long do we have til we get back to shore?"

"Where did you come from? You want something?"

"Where is the laundry you needed done? Wait, how many hours did you need it eaten? Twelve? Oh, thank christ!"


  1. I feel your horniness. I just want to go balls deep in some guy, and drain my cum until I'm dry and sore. That is all.

    1. I jerked off a couple weekends ago so long my dick looked weird the next day. Swollen. It was kinda tender to the touch. When I got hard, it was quite a bit thicker. So much so I could tell just by how it felt in my hand. I pounded that shit twice at work in two dif bathrooms and came all over stuff. The extra thickness made me really horny.

  2. # 1
    Bro lets play for real and I'll fill you with hot cumm when ever you want it