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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crazy Redneck Bator

So this video is weird. When it first started playing I almost stopped it. I'm really really not turned on by this type of southern guy. And the fact that he says 'faggot' turned me off too. I don't like that word. But watching him finger his asshole and talk about it, a lot, kept me watching; at first because it was humorous. But it started turning me on.
I don't really believe this video is his first time to play with his ass. I know he says that he did it earlier that day. But the rest of what he says says to me that he'd never done it before this particular day. I don't know; maybe it is his first time. What do you think?
Still the video started to mesmorize me. I watched it a few times last night. Each time it turned me on more. From the neck up this guy is pretty much the exact opposite of the kind of guy I like. And that fucking voice; ugh. But from the neck down, he's pretty fucking hot. The last time I watched it yesterday I blew a big fucking load.
At work today I kept thinking about it and wanted to watch it again. It's pretty weird to me.
I'm curious what you guys think about it.


  1. I fuckin love this type of thing. Watching a hot man pleasure his hairy hole and dick at the same time turns me on. Where did the vid come from?

  2. I never watch solo movies... It just don't turn me on. But that one is different! He is really enjoying himself. Well, for me it's just fun, with a "weird" thing too.