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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Delicious Cum

I want to cum on that face...
I'd just like to interject here, that after 25 or so years of being single and of dating age, I have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend that was turned on by cum. There must be a good number of guys at least who are, judging by the amount of cum eating and facial vids and pics out there. Why have I never run into one???? Dammit!
Now, back to the cum....


  1. The nectar of the male is what it of better there!!!!

  2. Here's a guy that LOVES cum. I'd eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in between. Cum coming out of a asshole is dessert. Oh I can taste it right now. Gawd give me a big Jizz of it right now.

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