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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Self-Suck Dreams

I had the most awesome self-suck dream last night. I have those fairly often. They always make me kind of crazy when I wake up because there's usually left over sensations. One of the first times I had one, I woke up still feeling a hot wet mouth on my cock, it was mine of course. And this time, I can still feel my cock deep in my mouth.

In the dreams, it's so easy to reach my cock with my mouth. It's effortless. I can deep throat myself and feel my balls on my own lips. What guy doesn't want to do that? Any guy who says he wouldn't suck himself if he could is a liar, and probably in the closet.

Have you seen those guys who can really do this? The ones who can actually fuck their own face? God that is so fucking hot! Just watching them pump their own face gets me seriously worked up. Some can even lick their own balls! Holy shit. I am insanely jealous.

And when they're all contorted on their back, sucking themselves, don't you want to fuck them. They're so bent over, cock in mouth, ass sticking up and out....

These guys all remind me of dogs. And sex is the hottest when you can turn into a fucking dirty nasty ball lickin dog.
Now, I've got a fucking huge load to dump, it's going to be fucking awesome!


  1. Have not had any dreams like this in a while, but love the post

  2. Self sucking is totally hot. I used to be able to do it some when I was a teen. To feel your own cock throbbing and exploding in your mouth, cum running down your chin...mmmmm

  3. I'm 65 and have been selfsucking since i was about 25. i have had selfsucking dreams in the past and still do sometimes- same as you i dream it is so easy to slide my stiff cock in and out of my mouth. I love sucking myself and suck myself off at least 5 times a week, sometimes daily. It feel so good gettin my hard cock in my mouth. I love to go on cam to chat rooms and gt naked and masturbate and suck myself while other men watch me. :-)

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