Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pre-Cum Anyone?

As I lick some pre-cum off my finger and roll it around my mouth I gotta say, I love pre-cum! Most of the time when I jack I don't use lube. That's because I don't want anything getting in the way of those luscious little tastes. I love running it across my teeth with my tongue. I love seeing it on the end of my cock. My only complaint is, there's just not enough!

There was a guy on Cam4 who would just ooze it while jackin. It was so hot to watch. I would watch and fantasize that I was sucking him and all his beautiful goo.

I love a full-blown load too but, apparently like a lot of men, once I cum, I lose interest. I need it during.
If I'm really lucky, I get one of those half-cums. You know, when you're edging and you push it a little too far and cum a couple of good spurts. That's absolutely amazing. I lick up every last little bit off my hand or the floor or whatever and hold it in my mouth, savoring it. It's very rare I can hold off cumming for very long after that!

Wow! I really really need to unload right now!