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Monday, May 29, 2017

Robot Jack Badly Wants To Shoot A Public Disgrace Bisexual Edition for

The title says it all! I, Robot Jack, would beg to do a bisexual Public Disgrace with me as the sub.! Disgrace me! With female doms and male doms!

I want you to bind me and lead me, naked or almost naked, through the most public place we can go through without getting arrested. Shove my face wherever it has to go. Use my holes with dildos and cocks and fingers and fists. Turn me out like an everyday public slut.

I dream of being completely used in public by anyone and everyone!

Bound in Public is hot. But Public Disgrace is so so much hotter! BiP always seems to be really set up where, PD, while being obviously set up a good bit too, seems so much more chaotic and real. I pretty much can't stand straight porn because of it's artificial-ness. And don't get me started on bi porn. It's shit.

But PD transcends these issues and gets me super turned on.

Make some bi public sex vids.

And use me as your guinea pig.


Robot Jack